Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This peckish pooch left his owners in stitches of laughter after his pursuit of a snack saw a popcorn box get stuck on his head, setting off a chain of hilarious events.

The Hammond’s family dog Max – a yellow Lab, mixed breed – is renowned for his goofy antics, but the nine-month-old puppy outdid himself on May 28, when he was bested by a box of popcorn.

Attempting to eat the remnants at the bottom, Max was caught in the act by owner Ed, 48, in his back-garden in Bonney Lake, Washington, with the packet wedged tightly over his head.

As Ed calls his name, hilariously Max suddenly stops dead, attempting to find his owner’s voice, before returning to his battle with the box.

Spotting an opportunity to play a spontaneous game of ‘Marco, Polo’, Ed initiates the call, startling Max and sending him sprinting head-first into a bush.

As his owners watch on in hysterics, the mischievous pup is finally able to free himself as his collision with the shrubbery helped knock the box loose.

Insisting his four-legged friend is always up to no good, IT Manager Ed said: “He makes me laugh all the time and thinks it’s a game to steal things from around the house.

“My wife spotted him in the backyard with the bag on his head and I ran to see what he was up to this time.

“Max gets himself into trouble every single day.

“He loves to steal underwear from my kids and that’s always really funny.

“Max hasn’t learnt his lesson, he was trying to steal peanuts from my desk the other night.”