Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen

A patient has travelled almost 1000 miles to get the deafening ear wax in her ear removed.  

The clip shows Neel Raithatha, who runs a clinic in Leicestershire, extracting the earwax – which had left the patient with irritation in the ear. 

Neel – who goes by the name the Wax Whisperer – said that he gave the client an ‘ear scoop’ after they travelled over 800 miles to his clinic from Scotland.

Neel said: “The client had a build up of soft ear wax in both ears – they also suffer from Otitis Externa which is a type of ear eczema.

“This and the ear wax was causing them a lot of irritation in the ear.

“The client also experiences tinnitus and wanted to avoid microsuction as this can be noisy which could exacerbate their tinnitus. 

“As a result, I had to mechanically remove the ear wax using a Jobson Horne – this can be described as an ‘ear scoop’. 

“Given his Otitis Externa and tinnitus, the client wanted to be specifically treatment by myself so decided to travel all the way from Scotland to see me. 

“The journey is approximately 800 miles return and the process took around eight minutes for both ears.”