Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

This thrill seeking surfer gets tossed about like a rag doll when a huge wave breaks near Newport Beach, California. 

The incredible footage, shot by Mel Thoman, was taken at the infamous ‘Wedge’, a surf spot at the end of the Balboa Peninsula, renowned for its large and often dangerous waves. 

The surfer involved in the unbelievable crash is Brad Domke, a well known skimboarder who goes all over the world doing amazing things on huge waves.

And when keen bodysurfer, Mel, heard Brad was in town, he had to get down to the beach to see him.

The 61 year old retiree said: “When Brad’s in town if Wedge is breaking he comes up to ride the backdoor side waves and catch the cylinder rights.

“I was filming his surf and all I saw at first was the big yellow board fly and then Brad got tossed into the sand.

“Luckily he landed ok and went back out for more!

“The Wedge Cylinders are WILD!”