Animals Video

By Charlotte Nisbet

A disabled pug has ditched his wheelchair after miraculously walking for the first time since he was a puppy. 

Pedigree pooch Gus, from Great Barr, Birmingham, was diagnosed with hemivertebrae – which causes deformed wedge-shaped vertebrae and curves in the spine – his devastated owner, Sasha Alexander, 29, was told the only option was to have him put down. 


Thankfully Sasha refused and after buying his a custom build wheelchair for £300, she was told Gus would never regain the use of his legs. 

But last year, two years after his spinal diagnosis, Gus suddenly began walking again and now, he can miraculously enjoy his walkies again.  

Sasha, said: “It’s a miracle that Gus is walking again, we never imagined he’d one day ditch his wheelchair. 

“I was watching TV in the lounge when Gus jumped off the sofa and started walking on his own. 

“I couldn’t believe me eyes as we thought he was completely paralysed. 

“Four vets told me to put Gus down after his diagnosis but I refused and decided to give him a second chance.


“He lost the ability to walk at five months old when he started limping and struggling to hold his balance. 

“But when it failed to improve he was booked in for an X-Ray – that’s when we were told about his deformed spine. 

“The vertebras down from his neck had all failed to grow properly and that was causing problems to his spinal cord. 

“If he wasn’t put down then I was told at most he would live just a few months longer anyway – I was devastated. 

“I knew I had to give him a chance at life, he was such a happy puppy before his problems started and I was desperate to get him back in the park. 

“Thankfully after visiting a fifth vet, I was told about special wheelchairs for dogs. 


“His back legs are getting stronger by the day, he loves being able to run and greet other dogs on his walks now.”

Sasha is now sharing Gus’s story to highlight his spinal condition and to give other owners hope. 

She added: “Everyone is baffled by Gus now being able to walk and I only know of one other dog who this has happened to. 

“All I can think is that his spine has now fused together which is allowing him to walk without pain. 

“It’s so strange seeing him running across the fields and around the house. 


“He had his wheelchair for almost two years of his life and although we haven’t gotten rid of his wheelchair yet, we’re confident he won’t be needed it again.

“He is literally a walking miracle.”