By Mike Jones

The owner of the world’s largest rabbit was relieved to hear that his offspring had landed safely with a new celebrity owner after losing a bunny in mysterious circumstances just last year.

Annette Edwards, 66, who was the UK’s oldest glamour model, owns famous bunny, Darius, who is the world’s largest rabbit standing at 4ft 4inches tall.

But after his offspring, Simon, died in mysterious circumstances during an aircraft flight last year, Annette was too frightened to travel with Darius and his other seven children, abroad again.


Simon was sold to a mystery celebrity in the states, who was left devastated by the loss of the rabbit but got back in touch with Annette to purchase two more of her world-famous bunnies.

Annette, from Stoulton, Worcester, said: “I knew this time they were in capable hands and I was happy for them to travel knowing they would have the best of care.

“They were given a vet check before boarding the plan and were deemed fit to flight and very healthy.

“They are transported in a large crate breathable, around four foot long and three foot tall, which is blacked out to keep them calm.

“They were stress-free when they landed the other side and very well looked after by the airport staff.

“The buyers drive travelled five hours to come and collect them from Chicago.”

Anette and her bunny Darius retired from the limelight, back in March, this year, but still plans to breed more bunny while they enjoy their retirement.

This will not hinder their Guinness World Record Titles but Darius will no longer be available for interviews and Annette will no longer be stripping off for the camera.


Annette believes that Darius, who is now eight years old, will enjoy a less stressful life at home and the pair are planning on spending the next few weeks relaxing.

She said: “Darius has had an amazing career and loves people but now he’s getting older he likes to relax.

“I’ve done glamour modelling for over 40 years and finally feel ready to lead a quiet life, especially after tragically losing Simon last year.

“Darius has two children called Jeff and Grace that are likely to overtake his size and snatch his Guinness World Record in the next few years.

“I’m sure they will love the limelight as much as their dad did.


“One of my highlights of Darius’s career is when he went on the Jimmy Carr show.

“I dressed him in a suit and he loved having all the attention on him, he loves people.”

Annette is now hoping to help give advise to other aspiring models and will continue to care for her eight bunny rabbits.