Life Video

By Kim Reader

A mum has captured the moment her husband turned up with flowers to take his stepdaughter on their first dad and daughter date – to show her how women deserve to be treated.

In the heartwarming video, filmed last Thursday [JUNE 7], full-time mum Hayley Terry, 31, calls to her daughter Sophie Mitchell, six, to tell her someone is at the door for her.


Schoolgirl Sophie, who is all dolled up in her best outfit, excitedly runs to the door to reveal her stepdad Andy Terry, 34, stood with a bunch of flowers ready to whisk her away for their date night.

The adorable duo headed out to a nearby Italian restaurant for a three-course dinner before Sophie asked if they could buy her mum chocolates and flowers on the way home ‘so she didn’t feel left out’.

Software engineering student Andy, who suggested the date to cheer up his stepdaughter as she was upset the night before, said the evening gave them some quality time together.

Andy, of Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, said: “I have wanted to take Sophie on a daddy and daughter date for a while but it’s been tough finding the time.

“Then on the Wednesday she was upset about something and having a moment so I asked her if she wanted to go on a date to cheer her up.

“I picked her up and she was dead excited and she was really happy with her flowers. I think they surprised her a bit, she didn’t know what to do with them.

“While we were out she was dead polite and so many people commented on how nice she looked in her outfit.


“I let her choose her dinner and she kept asking me if this was my first date and I told her ‘no, I’ve been on a date with your mam’ and then she would say, ‘well this is my first date’. It was so funny.

“It was really good bonding time for us. It was nice to be on our own and for me to really get to have a good conversation with her.

“I hope she learns from it how she deserves to be treated when she gets older and gets to that age where she is going on dates.

“I think that is so important, especially nowadays when there seems to be less respect for women. I’m a big believer in manners.”

After her stepdad asked her to go on a date, Sophie spent ages meticulously planning her hair and outfit and even asked her mum to buy her new shoes to match.

As Sophie suffers from albinism, which causes sensitivity to sunlight, she often needs to have her arms and legs covered and to wear a special pair of sunglasses.

Being able to go out all dressed up and without having to cover up made the evening even more special for Sophie, according to her mum Hayley.

And seeing her ‘hopeless romantic’ hubby make Sophie so happy and show her how a woman should be treated made Hayley more smitten than ever with Andy.


Hayley said: “Andy has always had such a great relationship with Sophie. We had discussed a daddy and daughter date a few times but just passing comments.

“But then he actually asked Sophie the other night just out of the blue because she was upset. He told her he’d pick her up at 4:30 the next day after school.

“Sophie was so excited straight away. She took it all very seriously and planned her hair and her outfit and I ended up getting her new shoes to match.

“I hadn’t really planned to film it. If I had planned to film it I would have fixed the fence first. But I had my phone in my hand when Andy knocked on the door so I thought ‘why not?’ and I’m so glad I did.

“Sophie was beaming. It was so lovely seeing her so happy as she came down the stairs. I will never forget that smile she had on her face.

“On the way back she asked Andy if they could stop and buy me some chocolates and flowers which was so lovey. She probably didn’t want me to feel left out.

“My first date with Andy we went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet and I don’t remember any flowers so I think she had it better than me.

“He obviously did something right though because we’re married now. He is a hopeless romantic really. He’s always surprising me with flowers or little gifts.

“Seeing him treat Sophie so well and teaching her how a woman deserves to be treated just made me even more smitten with him.


“I think every woman has regrets and times where she settled for less than she deserves. Hopefully if Sophie learns from a young age that she is worth more than that then she’ll never have those.

“You don’t see many dads going out of their way to do things like that so seeing Andy do it as her stepdad was so lovely.”

Couple-of-five-years Hayley and Andy have five children between them – Hayley’s kids from a previous relationship Jack Mitchell, 10, and Sophie, Andy’s son from a previous relationship TJ Terry, 10, and their two children Jaymes Terry, four, and Emily Terry, three.

Having such a big brood makes it difficult for the parents to spend one-on-one time with each child so Andy appreciated having the chance to chat in depth with Sophie, who he says is six going on 16.

And the dad, who also coaches football, said his dad and daughter date with Sophie will be the first of many.

Andy said: “Having five kids it can be hard getting quality time with each of them.

“I’m a football coach so I coach the boys and I get to spend that time with them but I really wanted something that Sophie and I could do together.

“When I met Hayley Sophie was only 18 months old and you could already hold a conversation with her. She’s so grown up. She’s only six but when we were out it was like having a conversation with a teenager.

“This will definitely be the first of many dad and daughter dates. It’s her birthday next month so I think I’ll surprise her again then.”

But Hayley was quick to remind Andy that he better start saving his pennies as their daughter Emily will be ready for date nights soon enough too.

Hayley said: “I know Andy can’t wait to have more daddy and daughter dates with Sophie. I think they’ll become a regular thing.

“But I’ve told him he better start saving because Emily will be old enough to go on them soon too.

“I really hope people watch the video and it starts a trend of dads and stepdads taking out their little girls.”