Offbeat Video

By Harriet Whitehead

This sprightly 87-year-old woman brought a smile to shoppers’ faces after busting some dance moves to a grime artist performing in a city centre.

The video, taken by shopper Amie Northfield, shows the smiling octogenarian dressed in green strutting her stuff – two-stepping and high kicking while a crowd gathers round.

Footage lasting around 40 seconds shows the mystery woman, who boasted she ‘still had it at the age of 87’, dancing to ‘Do Your Thing’ by Leeds-based grime artist Dialect in Leeds city centre.

The video, taken on Thursday afternoon, has since gone viral and racked up tens of thousands of views on social media.

Music student Amie, 20, from Leeds said: “I was out shopping with my parents in Leeds and they were waiting for me outside the shoe shop.

“They were like ‘Amie come and look at this’.

“I walked up and saw this lady dancing and there was this massive group of people crowding round her.

“I got my phone out and started filming it.

“The rapper was really engaging with her and dancing along, it was so lovely to watch.

“I thought it was amazing. It reminded me of family parties where your uncles and aunts get up and start dancing and just don’t care.

“It showed how confident she was. She was really going for it as well, at one point she started kicking her legs up. I loved that bit.

“The rapper finished his song and she said ‘I’ve still got it at 87’ and he shouted out that she was 87 and everyone gave her a massive round of applause.

“Then she just picked her bag up and walked off with a friend.

“I really felt like getting up there with her but I didn’t want to take it away from her.

“It was heart-warming. It was so nice and brought everyone together, I just loved it.

“It was really nice to see two different cultures and ages coming together too with an elderly lady dancing to rap music.

“She was dancing for about five minutes to two different songs.

“She was just loving it. She looked like she was just enjoying life and nothing was stopping her, she had no inhibitions.”

Amie, who had never seen the woman before, said she couldn’t believe the reaction the video got and hoped it brought some joy to people.

Amie said: “I shared it on snapchat and somebody said I should put it on other social media.

“I couldn’t believe how many views it got, I’m so happy that people got to see it.

“Everyone cherishes their grandparents so it’s something people can relate to. It was heart-warming.”

Grime artist Dialect, 29, who has been performing for around 13 years and regularly busks in Leeds city centre, said: “She started dancing to one song about half way through then at the end she came over to me and said ‘I really like your music, can I dance to another?’

“She said ‘I’m 87 years old and I don’t normally like rap music but I really like this’.

“She was really lovely.

“When I finished the track I told everyone she was 87 and they should be dancing like her. They all gave her a round of applause.

“She even put a bit of money in for me.

“The amount of energy coming from her was amazing. To say she was 87 – she could really move. She kicked her leg in the air and I was like ‘wow that’s amazing!’.

“People will sometimes stereotype grime but I get all sorts of people coming up and giving me money – little kids and elderly people.

“It’s for everyone and it’s really good to see people react like that.”