Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

A man’s drunk antics were captured on video as he makes it his mission to entertain passengers aboard a train. 

The video, captured by 23-year-old letting agent, Toby Leibowitz, shows the man downing drinks, wearing a passengers coat on his head and climbing on to the seats before singing to the crowd. 

The train from London to Machester, on January 18, was full of confused passengers as the Irish man spots Toby filming and demands a ‘big hug’. 

Toby said: “I was on my way to visit my partner and was due to get off at Stockport. 

“He was in my part of the train the whole timeand was a little bit drunk when he got on but then drank even more and got progressively worse. 

“It sas all good fun and even though staff were called, they left him to it. Not sure where he was going. 

“Everyone was laughing as he didn’t harm anyone. I thought he was hilarious. 

“It was such good entertainment that he kept me occupied and stopped me from being bored during the journey.”