Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell 

A gymnast has showcased his epic fails during his training practice in a series of hilarious clips.  

From falling off a balancing bar to flipping into a wall, Nick Silagy, 23, proves that gymnastics is not as easy as it looks. 

After starting gymnastics when he was just seven years old, Nick is still learning new tricks for his competitions. 

Nick added: “The first clip show me falling off the giant parallel bars after vertically balancing. 

“The second is a double back salt on floor, and the last is a back one and a half punch front on floor.

“I found all the fails funny, you crash a lot in gym so it’s all you can really do and you can’t get upset over it. 

“The three videos were taken over a period of a few years through the my gymnastics training. The latest was last year but I have now mastered that skill.

“Despite it looking painful I’ve only ever suffered a few bruises and strained muscles.”