Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

 This skin crawling videos shows thousands of midges covering a dog walkers hand.

As Scott Sweeney was walking his devoted pooch Leah through Arrochar, near Glasgow, Scotland, around 8pm on June 5, a swarm of the insects descended on him. 

Within one minute of standing there, the 31-year-old deer manager captured the buzzing midges completely cover himself and Leah. 

Turning over his palm, the tiny black bugs swiftly cover up any bare skin they land on his fingers and knuckles. 

Scott said: “I was really surprised so many midges appeared so quickly when we were miles from any other human or food source.

“It was impossible to count, but they were there in their thousands. 

“For this time of year, midges are a normal sight in the Scottish countryside, but they really are a pain in the neck.” 

Scott also owns a company called Beaton’s Midge Jackets which sells a whole range of insect repellents, meaning this viral video provided a bit of free advertising.