By Amy Farnworth

A bride-to-be has faced FOUR wedding dress disasters and a funeral before finding her perfect gown.

Zoe Morgan, 34, from Pembroke, spent over £2000 on four wedding dresses for her big day this August but then changed her mind about two of them – and two didn’t even turn up.

From online shopping mishaps to hours in wedding dress shops, Zoe was convinced she was never going to find her perfect gown.


And if that wasn’t bad enough, Zoe’s step-dad – who was going to walk her down the aisle – died with just three months to go till the wedding.

But Zoe was determined not to allow her FOUR dress catastrophes and her step-dad’s death stop her planning the perfect day.

Despite it all, Zoe has now finally found the perfect gown after a Facebook post led to her appearing on a TV show.

Zoe, a stay at home mum to six children, said: “After four disasters I was convinced that I’d never find the perfect dress and with my step-dad being ill with kidney cancer, time was running out.

“Two dresses I’d ordered from online sellers didn’t arrive and second hand gowns failed to live up to expectations.


“I was so worried that I’d never find the dress of my dreams and alongside this my step-dad, Paul, 46, had just weeks left to live.

“By the time I found my dream dress in May on the TV show, I’d been through four wedding dress disasters and a funeral.”

Zoe ordered a £160 made-to-measure dress from an online seller in China in December, who told her the gown would take three months to arrive.

When that fell through, she spent more cash purchasing a dress from a private seller, who failed to deliver anything at all.

She then decided to visit a bridal store in her hometown of Pembroke, South Wales, and despite not finding the dress of her dreams she purchased a £370 gown just to get it over and done with.

A friend kindly offered her an old wedding dress, but it needed so many alterations that she wondered whether she’d ever get her perfect day.

Tragically, her step-dad died before the wedding dress disaster could be resolved, leaving Zoe with no dress, and no-one to give her away.


But thanks to a chance comment on a Facebook group about a TV programme called Second Chance Dresses, the mum of six now has the perfect dress, with just two months to go until her big day.

Zoe said: “I ordered the first dress in December and when I finally received the package in February the only thing they had sent me was a veil!

“I couldn’t believe it! I was so upset and angry. I tried to contact the seller but received no response.

“They offered no explanation whatsoever as to what had happened.”

Desperate, Zoe then ordered a second dress from a private seller on a specialist wedding dress site.

She was told it would be with her within 18 days but unbelievably, the £125 dress never arrived.

She added: “I’d been in contact with the seller all the way through the process and she was brilliant.

“She said it would be sent to me by courier and would arrive within 18 days. I waited and waited but received nothing.”

Again, Zoe said she was offered no apology and had no further contact or explanation from the seller or the website.


She said: “I managed to get a refund for both dresses but it was awful; I thought my wedding dress dreams had been ruined.

“At this point it was nearing the end of March and I still had no dress.

“What made things worse was that my step-dad had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

“We were trying to get the wedding moved forward so that he could walk me down the aisle.”

Frantically trying to rearrange their big day for June, Zoe and partner, Stefan Sheehan, 26, went on the hunt for dress number three.

Resorting to buying a dress she really didn’t like from her local bridal shop left Zoe in tears, and that’s when her friend stepped in to offer her old one.

She added: “”My friend’s dress was beautiful. It cost £1300 but it needed a lot of alterations.

“I just felt really sad about the whole thing; I thought I’d never end up making it down the aisle.”

After leaving a comment on a photo on Facebook, she was contacted by a production team for a new show called Second Chance Dresses.

Zoe said: “I commented on a dress in a Facebook group in April and the team at Second Chance Dresses got in touch.

“I was really surprised when they picked me to go on the show. It was like I’d been given a final chance to find my perfect dress!”

Hosted by former Love Island star, Olivia Buckland, Second Chance Dresses has a similar format to Say Yes to the Dress.

Shortly before filming, Zoe’s step-dad passed away, leaving her heartbroken and wondering if she should still go ahead with the wedding.

Deciding to continue filming for the show, as it’s what her step-dad would’ve wanted, Zoe eventually went on to find her dream dress.

Zoe said: “The dress I chose on the show originally cost £3000.

“It has some black woven into the bodice, which I really liked, and thinking about it now, it holds a lot more significance as I feel like it’s a tribute to my step-dad.”

With her perfect dress finally secured, Zoe says she’s now ready tie the knot with partner Stefan.

“I’m really sad that my step-dad won’t be there to walk me down the aisle, but now we’ve finally got everything sorted, I can’t wait to marry Stefan, and of course, for him to see my dress!”

Zoe and Stefan’s wedding will be filmed in August and shown on Second Chance Dresses on TLC later this year.