By Pete Goddard

The perfect doggy dream house designed by famous fine artist Eileen Goldenberg is up for auction.

The kennel, completely covered with over 2000 pieces of gold and silver costume jewellery, was part of the Blue Cross charity auction which featured ‘mega dog kennels’ designed by architects and celebrities.

Florida artist, Eileen Goldenberg, used jewellery she had collected from her travels


The luxurious dog house comes complete with its own drawbridge, four torrents  and gothic tiled floor, and is ideal for a real princess or prince puppy, with its own plaque ‘House Canine’ and inscription ‘A Dog’s Home is His Castle’ across the threshold.

The interior of the kennel also includes adorable extras such as windows and pictures frames of canine kings and queens and the top can be removed to allow the dog to view his territory.


Around 20 designer kennels were featured in the auction after they were displayed at St Pancras international Station, in London and the bespoke dog house is thought to fetch around £3,000

The kennel was unsold after being displayed but is now being sold separately through BowWow Hause London, in a bespoke dog kennel auction, on June 30, at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London.