Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe 

A happy sting ray made his way onto the beach for a spot of dinner straight from the hand of onlookers. 

Ieven Gretskyi, 31, was on the North Male Atoll island, in the Maldives, with his wife, Ievgeniia, when the stingray approached on May 18. 

The couple, from Ukraine and now living in Canada, were able to feed the stingray straight from their own hand before he retreats back into the sea. 

Ieven, a construction worker, said: “It was awesome. I had never seen anything like it before.

“They are such an unbelievable creature, eating right from your hands, their skin feels like wet gummy sandpaper. 

“At first it was scary but we were able to feed them a few times right on the shore. 

“It’s like touching something rare and cool, but alive.”

“People were able to feed the stingray every evening from 6 to 7 PM, we fed them three or four times.

“Even though they look harmless, they can sting with their tails and staff members made sure that nobody touched the tail prior to feeding.  “