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By Jack Williams

This the shocking moment one family found not one but FIVE HAMMERHEAD SHARKS swimming in what they consider their backyard.

In the amazing video, the sharks can be seen swimming just feet from the shore – a spot Amanda Banks, 35, was snorkeling in just an hour earlier.

Pictured Amanda Banks / Caters

Amanda captured the sharks off the sands of her home at Kailina Beach Homes, Ewa Beach, Hawaii, at the mouth of Pearl Harbour.

According to Amanda – who had never seen sharks in the spot before – the first shark appeared around 3 pm on June 2, swimming with two feet of them, before four more followed a little later.

Amanda, who is originally from Fayetteville, Georgia, said: “Most people seem to be surprised that they would come so close to shore – one almost beached itself.  

Pictured Amanda Banks / Caters

“We have a popular surfing and swimming beach just a mile down shore, so this has caused some alarm and lots of acknowledgement from the community.  

“I’ve had the likes of fishing groups and shark trackers asking for the footage.”

The vast majority of the time, hammerhead sharks are safe to be around in open waters, as only three of the nine species (great, scalloped and smooth hammerhead) have ever attacked humans.