Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

This crazy wakesurfer from Canada is captured on video taking surfing to a whole other level.

Instead of catching some killer waves on a normal board, 34 year old Matt Chell tries his luck with an old office table, and almost succeeds in completing a perfect 360.

Matt, a gas plant operator from Saskatchewan said: “I took this table from work to help out at a garage sale.

Pic From Matt Chell / Caters News

“When the sale was done and everything cleaned up, the table was sitting there and I thought to myself, ‘I could probably surf that.’

“So I took a picture and asked my friends if they thought I could do it.”

When most of his pals said no, Matt just knew he had to prove them wrong.

He said: “The next day I tried it out and it was surprisingly easy.

Pic From Matt Chell / Caters News

“I’ve never surfed a table before!”

Taking up wakesurfing – a form of boarding that involves the surfer trailing behind a boat and riding their wake – 15 years ago, Matt enjoys getting out on White Bear Lake each summer, practising his skills with his friends and family. 

“I’ve only ever surfed surf boards, and a kayak last year, but hopefully I’ll be able to land a perfect 360 on the table before the summer is out.”