Animals Video

By Iain Watts and Bethany Gleave

A technophobic pooch has been caught on camera begging for his owner’s attention by gently pawing away her iPhone every time she picks it up.

In the charming footage five-year-old golden retriever Sebastian-George even uses his nose to nudge Michelle Burne’s iPhone out of her hand.


Michelle, 24, loves snuggling up with her dog but admits that his habit of pawing her mobile phone away makes things such as sending a text tricky.

Despite the inconvenience Michelle said she would rather go for a walk to send a text than say no because Sebastian-George’s puppy dog eyes are so irresistible.

Personal Banker Michelle from Hamilton, New Zealand, said: “Every time I have the phone near him he paws it out of the way.

“He doesn’t mind if you get up to do something and leave him but the minute you pick the phone up he tries to stop you using it.

“I don’t know why he doesn’t like it so much.

“He only does it to me and my mum, I like to think it’s because we are his favourites.


“Sebastian-George is quite a big dog, but does it very gently however it’s very authoritative.

“He just wants cuddles and our attention which I can’t say no to.

“If you ask him sternly to stop he will do but then he gives you those puppy dog eyes and then I just give in.

“He’s too cute and snuggly to say no to.

“Thankfully he doesn’t bark at you, but he will come over and nudge it with his nose occasionally, even if you are on a phone call.

“It makes everyday tasks a bit difficult.


“You either have to give him a treat to keep him occupied or go for a walk so that you can send your text or finish you phone call.

“It’s just a good job he is so adorable.”

Sebastian-George also hates being filmed, with Michelle believing that her pet pooch knows when he’s around smart phones.

Michelle said: “He has a sixth sense when it comes to phones.


“If you sneakily pull the phone out and start to film something he is doing he stops instantly and just stares.

“I’m not sure why he hates technology so much.”