Animals Video

By Bilal Kuchay

This is the heartwarming moment a female hyena runs on its feet 45 days after its right limbs were fractured in an accident.

The six-month-old animal met with an accident on April 13 when a speeding vehicle hit it on a road in Karada village in Shahada in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. 


Two of its limbs and a jaw were fractured in the accident and the animal was found battling for life on the road.

Local people called the forest department and informed them about the tragic incident.

A team of forest officials immediately visited the spot and gave first aid to the poor animal.

However, the officials and the members of NGO Eco Echo Foundation decided to take the hyena to Nashik, almost 160 miles from Shahada, for treatment.


The animal was admitted in Government Veterinary Polyclinic Nashik, where it was treated for 44 days.

Dr Sanjay Gaikwad said: “The hyena was brought to the hospital in a very critical condition.

“Nobody thought the hyena would survive as both her right limbs were fractured. Its jaw was also fractured.

“We plastered its both limbs and the jaw was fixed through a surgery.

“For 44 days, the animal was kept in a separate cage.”


Finally, the plaster was removed and the hyena was back on its feet again.

It was taken back to Shahada on May 28 and released into its natural habitat.

Abhijit Anin Nahale, Member of the Eco-Echo Foundation, said: “It was a very heartwarming moment for all of us to see the hyena getting down from the jeep and running into the forest.”