Life Video

By Taniya Dutta 

A disturbing video emerged from northern India shows a woman throwing a newborn baby girl wrapped in a blanket out of a car. 

The shocking incident was captured on a closed-circuit TV camera on Wednesday morning in Muzaffaranagar in Uttar Pradesh.


The three-day old baby wrapped in a blanket was dropped on the steps outside a house at 8:00 am in a deserted, narrow lane in Mustaffa Gali.

The infant, weighing only 3lb7oz grams, was found crying incessantly by locals who then rushed her to a government-run hospital where her condition is stable. 

Circle Officer Harish Bhadoria told local media that the baby was found after locals heard her cries. “She was admitted to a district hospital.

Prem Shankar Mishra, the Chief Medical Officer of the district hospital said: “The child is a premature baby. She weighs only 1700 grams and is only two-three days old. Her condition was critical when we received her but now she is stable. 


“A lot of people are coming forward for adoption but the baby will be kept in observation for sometime.”

The parents of the baby are still untraceable though police is tracing the details of vehicle used in the crime.

In the video clip, a woman emerges from a grey Hyundai hatchback and pauses in front of a house. Then she takes the baby out and leaves her on the doorsteps before driving off. 

On Sunday, footage surfaced of a Kerala couple abandoning their five-day old baby outside a church. 

The father, Bitto Davis, 32,  was seen kissing the baby before placing her on the ground. Bitto and his wife Pravitha Davis have been arrested. 

The couple was reportedly afraid of being shamed socially for having a fourth child. 


Uttar Pradesh is one of the worst states in the country with rampant female foeticide. 

A 2011 census recorded the child sex ratio (0-6 years) in the state had gone down by 21 points from 909 to 888 over the past 10 years.

To tackle its growing female foeticide problem and improve its sex ratio, the state government last year had launched a scheme title Mukhbir Yojna or Informer Plan. 


The aim is to provide an incentive of whopping £2,206 to anyone who would alert the  state authorities about involvement of any doctor or a medical staff in sex determination and female foeticide.