Animals Video

By Becca Husselbee 

A terrified puppy tumbled off his owner’s bed after being suddenly frightened by a ‘meowing’ cat. 

Bella, a three-month-old cockapoo puppy, has found a new best friend with one-year-old cat, FiFi, but was unsure of what to make of the bizarre noises she made when being asked to play. 


Fifi, who seems uninterested in the lively puppies antics, let’s out a small ‘meow’ before the lively pup, unsure of her surroundings, tumbles backward off her owner’s bed. 

Ashley Parsons, 26, from Chiswick, West London, found Bella after searching for a new puppy online with her partner, Barney, and fell in love with the black cockapoo straight away. 

She said: “Bella is a typical puppy, energetic and very loopy, she’s always bouncing around. 

“Fifi and Bella are actually really good friends and they play together all the time, I just think Bella was a bit unsure to start with because she is so young. 

“When I was recording them I just didn’t expect it to happen, I was in hystertics. 

“I don’t think she realised she was so close to the edge of the bed.


“She’s like a little teddy bear and she makes us laugh all the time.”

Luckily Bella was unharmed after her fall and was up and again and playing in no time with Fifi and the couples other cat, Lola.  

Ashley said: “It didn’t put her off approaching Fifi again and she was back bouncing around straight away.

“They love playing with her but as all cats can be, they get annoyed or bored with her running around. 

“She has heard the cat’s meow before but I think this one was directed towards her and she just didn’t know what to make of it.”