Life Video

By Amy Farnworth

A group of builders have been caught practicing a pre-workout routine together before work at Glasgow University. 

The stretching and squatting routine has proved so popular with the 25 onsite builders that the university staff have taken an interest too. 

Taking place at 7:45am every day, on-site builders from company, Multiplex, limber up for around 10 minutes before getting on with their labouring jobs.

And coincidentally, the workmen just happen to be building the institute for health and well-being, which is part of the new learning and teaching hub for Glasgow University. 

The sessions – which have gone down a treat with the tradesmen  – were introduced by sub-contractors Careys Civil Engineering.

Head of delivery for Careys, Eamonn O’Donnell, said: “They’ve run these types of exercise on a number of their sites and they’ve always proved successful.”

The routines have been so successful in fact, that even staff from some of the university offices overlooking the site have joined in.

The new learning and teaching hub being built by the workmen is the first phase of the £700million redevelopment of the 70-acre campus in Glasgow’s West