Offbeat Video

By Amy Farnworth

A mad-cap challenger has converted a bathtub into a bicycle and plans to ride it from John O’Groats to Lands End.

When it comes to wacky challenges, the bathtub is probably a firm favourite among the fearless.

While the integral piece of bathroom furniture would usually be filled with beans or suspended from ridiculous heights in an attempt to secure some kind of world record, there’s not many who can say they’ve travelled the length of the country in one. 

Pic from James Ward/Caters News

But one fundraising fanatic is doing just that, by cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End in a specially designed pedal-powered bathtub.

Stuart Kettell will travel the length of the UK in a 95kg thick acrylic tub.

With a recumbent bicycle fixed into the hefty bath, Stuart expects the steep hills of the thousand mile journey to be a very gruelling task indeed.

Stuart, whose previous challenges include completing seven marathons in seven days inside a giant human hamster wheel, and pushing a brussels sprout up Snowdon with his nose, will aim to complete the cycle in just two weeks.

The bathtub, which was manufactured and converted into a bike in Glasgow, comes equipped with a flying rubber duck and a makeshift exhaust pipe which can fire out hundreds of bubbles every hour.

Stuart, who lives in Warwick, said: “The bathtub was finished just over a month ago and since then I’ve been going out and about on my estate on long runs. 

“Everyone knows me as the man who does the wacky challenges and each year I try to make them wackier and wackier.”

Pic from James Ward/Caters News

Since 2007, Stuart, a video-producer, has raised over £50,000 for charity with his obtuse, dare-devil feats.

But in 2016 he was told by doctors to take two years off from fundraising after finding out he had a major heart problem.

His final challenge saw him popping 10,000 balloons while bouncing up and down on a Pogo stick.

At a routine medical examination shortly after the balloon challenge, doctors told Stuart he needed to slow down, as the cardio-vascular exercise had proved too much for his heart.

The discovery of a severe mitral valve leak resulted in the mad-cap 53-year-old having to undergo open heart surgery in October 2017.

Amazingly, just six months after his surgery, he was back training, ready to take on his wackiest challenge yet. 

“The doctors sent me to cardio rehab for three months and I began upping my training in the gym in order to recover.

“I asked the consultant if I would be ok to continue with my challenges and he said he couldn’t really stop me from doing them, so here I am!”

Determined to be completely self-sufficient on his cycle, Stuart will complete the challenge alone, taking all his own clothes with him, stopping only for food and to sleep. 

He said: “In 2008 I did Lands End to John O’Groats on a Penny Farthing, so it will be interesting to do the journey the other way round.”