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A schoolgirl ex-pat spends her free time clearing her new hometown of litter and even learned the local language in the process.

Little Lilly Platt, who moved from London to near Utrecht, Holland, three years ago, decided she wanted to help the planet.


Along with her grandad Jim, the nine-year-old goes on daily walks that can last up to two hours and picks up any bottles and wrappers that she finds on the ground.

At weekends the mini-conservationist organises hour long litter picks that include her school friends, family and local refugee children’s groups.

Lilly said: “A little thing like picking up plastic can make a huge difference.

“I hope everyone else follows my lead.


“It all started when I saw a picture of a baby puffin wrapped in balloons, which made me very cross.

“My mum went to the nearest car company and now they’re never going to let balloons loose anymore.

“I love my family because they support what I do.”

When she first moved to Utrecht, Lilly used the walks to count how many bits of rubbish she picked up, learning Dutch along the way.

For her most recent birthday in April she organised a global pick up through the hashtag #lillysglobalcleanupday, which saw people from 27 different countries take part.


Lilly said: ““I don’t even know why people throw rubbish on the ground.

“I mean, have they never seen the way animals suffer when they eat plastic?

“This is why I’m starting to convince my friends to save the planet. 

“My grandpa is my inspiration.


“He loves the environment and does nature lessons at my school.”