Offbeat Video

By Mark Felix

A stunned motorist spotted a strange UFO flying across the road she was driving along.

Junelyn Bitalac was returning from dropping her mum off at work in Hasting, Victoria, Australian, on the morning of May 28 when she noticed something funny in the sky.

Pulling over to take a closer look, the personal care assistant was shocked to see a disk shape travelling quickly and smoothly through the clear blue skies.

Following its flight path religiously, Junelyn captures the aircraft clearly as it passed over power lines before disappearing behind some trees.

She said: “I have never seen anything like it and have no clue what it was.

“I was just randomly looking into the sky and noticed the strange round object, so I decided to film it. 

“It was after I dropped my mom to work and I was on the way home, so I was just by myself that time. 

“I had no idea where it went after I filmed it because I got distracted by the car approaching towards me.”