Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen 

A camera shy Golden Retriever has managed avoid being in the spotlight by rolling on her back. 

Doting owner Suzanne Corgan finds it hilarious when her dog, Margo three, rolls herself upside down to avoid being filmed. 


The footage – which was taken in April –  shows Suzanne trying to film Margo in her garden with her other Golden Retrievers, Lizzie, six, and Ella, two. 

But Margo has other ideas and her adorable actions are caught on camera instead. 

Suzanne, from Buntingford, Hertfordshire said: “She regularly rolls on her back if she doesn’t feel like doing something, she makes herself a dead weight and goes upside down. 


“It’s so funny and she makes me laugh every day with her cheeky ways. 

“It takes about 15 minutes before she gets up from rolling on her back but she can protest for longer.”