Nature Video

By Ellie Duncombe

Raging flash floods are tearing through a sleepy village causing locals to build makeshift dams.

Theo Vitupier captured the moment his hometown of Orcier, in the French Alps, was overrun with torrents of muddy water.

Pic from Theo Vitupier/Caters News

Following just one hour of heavy rain on June 4, 55 houses in the mountain hamlet were flooded as the water ran downhill.

In a desperate attempt to deviate the flood’s flow, locals built makeshift dams using everything from branches to their own trucks.

Theo said: “Once water had started to slide on the mountain it ripped off trees and rocks that blocked the river from going under the bridge, so it went over it. 

Pic from Theo Vitupier/Caters News

“The flood continued all night, and people from the village had to around the clock and use heavy trucks to try to clear the river path.

“I personally didn’t suffer any damage as my house is raised two metres above the normal ground level. 

“People started immediately to try to deviate the current in the field by placing tree trunks and mud in the way.

“My friend brought his truck as early as he could to start working on the blocked bridge. 

“The upper part of the village got even more destroyed but as the road was closed, so I couldn’t get there to see it.”