Life Video

By Curtis Mitchell

A man was left stunned after a huge amount of caterpillars turned up on his doorstep looking for a place to stay. 

Brandi Jimmy, 26, from Alberta, Canada, captured the creepy caterpillars on camera as he tries to sweep them off his doorstep on May 26. 

The caterpillar can be seen all over the floor of his porch and even falling from above as they attempt to hijack his home. 


He said: “The infestation has been happening every spring for the last two years, this year has been particularly bad and it is going on for two weeks now.

“They appeared very quickly, I saw a couple one day and within the next two days there were thousands of them, they multiplied very quickly and we had no time to get them under control.

“I was afraid because of the sheer number we have, they fall on you when you walk out the door and it freaks me out.”