Offbeat Video

By Hayley Pugh 

A funeral parlour has transformed Simon Cowell’s old Rolls Royce into a HEARSE and it seems everyone wants a send-off with the X-Factor. 

The high-spec gleaming silver Phantom VII, once owned by the multi-millionaire Britain’s Got Talent judge, has been converted into a lavish custom-built hearse by A W Lymn The Family Funeral Service, based in Nottingham. 


The unusual transformation was recently carried out by specialist coach builders in Italy and included ripping out the extravagant champagne cooler in the back seat. 

The original interior also featured TV screens, mood lighting, fully reclining electric rear seats and sheepskins rugs, which are all now in storage after being replaced with stainless steel, leather and a crystal glass coffin compartment. 

The firm are unable to disclose how much the new hearse cost in total, but luxury models like this usually cost in excess of £350,000 when new and the company were quoted 500,000 Euros for the conversion before they managed to negotiate on price. 

Managing director, Matthew Lymn Rose, said their new hearse was proving very popular with clients. 

He said: “The car was advertised on the internet with no reference to any special previous owner. 


“It was only when we went to see it and saw all the special features like the champagne holder and the unusual dark olive-green interior that we asked who used to own it.

“They said it had a very special first owner, but we didn’t think much of it.

“Once we got the car we googled the number plate and that’s when we saw all the pictures of Simon Cowell popping up. It was a nice surprise. 

“We haven’t been pitching it to customers on that basis but as they’re finding out it seems to be proving really popular with people. 


“When these cars are new they sell for around £360,000 but obviously this one was second hand. 

“We were quoted 500,000 Euros for the conversion, but we managed to negotiate on that price. 

“It certainly seems to be attracting a lot of attention.”