Offbeat Video

By Mark Felix

This is the heart stopping moment a motorbike rider spins out on a road corner before tumbling down the side of a mountain.

As Oleksandr Fokin drove through Montseny, northern Spain, on March 31 he clocked speeds of up to 170km/h while weaving through traffic.

Having passed coaches and cars on the winding tarmac, the Russian ex-pat spins out on a wide-open corner and kicks out his back tyre.

Slipping off the road, Oleksandr plummeting down the slope and rolling over multiple times before coming to rest at the bottom next to his bike.

Standing up and dusting himself down, the felled rider examines the wreckage but fortunately manages to walk around.

Oleksandr said: “Fortunately I wasn’t injured.

“However, the next day I had my bike confiscated for speeding in populated areas.”