Offbeat Video

By Mike Jones

A Mini Cooper car owner who was targeted by a tiny robin who pooed on his vehicle in the exact same spot for two weeks has finally caught the culprit. 

Bruce O’Farrell, 46, spent two weeks having his car cleaned as a result of the continuous bird poo before turning his mirrors inwards to stop attracting the bird. 

The dad, who has found his ordeal hilarious, is now sharing the evidence he has gathered for the first time. 

Bruce, from Grosse Ile Township, Michigan, said: “The bird was ruthless with his actions and his sheer determination to paint my car with his poop. 

“As one of my fellow Mini Cooper peers pointed out it was like pouring Tipex down the side of my car to paint another racing strip. 

“It was at that point that I decided to start documenting the this clear and ruthless bigotry that the robin had against me as proud Mini owner. 

“It was only when a comment came through from someone on a Mini Cooper social media group that I realised I needed to simply just turned my mirrors inward to stop the bird attacking my car. 

“He has not been around for a while making a mess. It was an everyday thing for those two weeks. 

“It cost me about $50 in total to wash my car during that time.”