Offbeat Video

By Michael Scott

A sheep has been named after a celebrity presenter after the pair shared a striking resemblance.

The sheep from Bootle, Cumbria, was named after Channel 4 presenter Guy Martin, by his owner, Leanne Bolger, who noticed the pair shared a few similarities.

**REFERENCE ONLY** Pictured: TV Mechanic and superbike rider, Guy Martin.

Guy the sheep has dark wool sideburns similar to the presenter and former motorbike racer, who hosts programmes such as ‘Speed with Guy Martin’ and ‘The Boat that Guy Built’.

Leanna, 42, said: “I have had Guy for five years and bought her from a local breeder of when she was one.

“Guy was unusually and the breed is white so although she is a pure breed occasionally they are tri-coloured.

“When I first bought her, her distinctive wool sideburns reminded me of Guy Martin who me and our family are all a big fan of.

Leanne Bolger/Caters News

“My mum and dad are Marshals at the TT International road race, in the Isle of Man, so have seen him race over there a few times.”

Guy the sheep has become part of the family and is even respondes to her new name.

Leanne said: “As we have had her for a while she is part of the family and all my family and friends know her! She is an extremely friendly affectionate sheep.

“She comes when I call out guy and is very intelligent.

Leanne Bolger/Caters News

“She is due to be clipped in the next few days and I will be making some wool felt crafts with her fleece.

“I am going to send a mini Guy Martin Sheep to Guy Martin as a lucky mascot for his next adventure.”