Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell

The faster you shred, the better you comply with GDPR!

That’s the tagline that’s been used in this video, as a salesman from a Danish company called Morfars re-tunes a normal shredder using an extreme motor.

The motor, usually used for fast radio controlled cars, was attached to the shredder and the outcome was amazing!

Taken at the company’s headquarters in Herlev, Denmark, by Kim Eriksen, the video shows just how fast shredding paper can be.


Kim said: “I was really exhausted by the whole GDPR thing so I asked my colleague, Tommy, to help me re-tune the shredder so I could shred faster, making me more efficient at GDPR compliance.

“It was way faster than anyone expected it to be and now we’re working on shredding 50 metres of paper to be able to calculate just how fast it actually is.”

Shredding half the company’s scrap paper and data, the rapid device has gained interest from several different businesses.

“We’ve had several people contacting us wanting to buy it or asking us to tune their shredder.”

This device certainly makes the boring GDPR process so much quicker, as shredding sensitive information can now be done in seconds.

Tommy said: “Now, we are ready for GDPR!”