By Alex Matthews

The price of this gothic home might drive buyers to an early grave – as they will be forking out more than £1million to live in a CEMETERY.

The plush three-bed house sits behind the wrought iron gates of Hanwell Cemetery in Hanwell, West London, and has the graveyard as its very own back garden.


But the prime location and the extremely quiet neighbours mean the property is on the market for a whopping price of £1,250,000.

For that money the new owners will also get their own set of keys to the cemetery to let themselves in and out – as they are locked in every night.

The imposing gothic-style home is surprisingly bright on the inside despite having no windows facing out over the cemetery, whether out of respect or superstition.


The house comes with a large garage, private garden, a dining and reception room and a bathroom.

The property also has plenty of restored original features including gothic arches, stone carvings, a stone fireplace and stained-glass windows, which give it an older feel.

Simon Stone, of estate agents Unique Property Company, said: “It’s a really beautiful home that has been restored to its former glory.

“The original features have been restored which really makes the house stand out.


“Obviously the location does that too. There are only a handful of private properties like this that sit on a cemetery in London, so it’s a very rare opportunity.

“You can understand why people might find it a bit strange at first. The house has no windows facing the graveyard.

“Whether that’s respect for the dead or out of superstition I’m not sure, the house is only yards away from it.


“The gates are beautiful and you get your own key and driveway access so you can come and go at night after they are locked.

“It’s really bright inside too, which is not necessarily what you would expect from a gothic property like this.”