Video Viral

By David Aspinall

 This hilarious video of a toddler failing to jump off a diving board has gained more than 11 million views in just three days.

 As Brayden Gipson was practising flips at a birthday pool party on June 2, mum Kristy recorded his successful attempts.

 Propelling himself forward, the four-year-old turns too quickly in the air and somehow manages to hit the top of his off the end of the plank causing him to bounce into the water.

 Kristy, from Dallas, Georgia, USA, said: “I think Brayden was embarrassed more than anything.

“He was doing flips perfectly, so I told him to do it again, so I could record it then this happened.

“I stopped recording, dropped my phone and got him out of the water. 

“He was fine, he didn’t even cry. 

“I kept an eye on him out of the water for a minute and he went back to flipping again.

“We just made sure we focused on the jump out of the diving board.”