Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This adorable dying dog wiped the tears away from his owner’s face just days before he was scheduled to be put down – only to have a sudden change of heart as a result of the moment.

Since she rescued him from an animal shelter 12-years ago, Mya Monay, 19, and her fluffy side-kick, Simba, have remained completely inseparable – but a critical diagnosis threatened to suddenly end their bond. 

PIC BY MYA MONAY/CATERS NEWS: In his younger years, Simba was a very affectionate pup

Diagnosed with spondylosis – a degenerative condition of the spine – Simba can no longer be cuddled as a result of the pain.

But Mya still contests he holds a “special place” in her heart. 

Temporarily coerced into the idea of having her 19-year-old ‘best-friend’ put down, Mya sought to capture a final selfie with Simba on May 22, before a touching exchange would completely change her mind. 

Suddenly bursting into tears as she stares at the screen gazing at the Pekingese and Shih Tzu mix, the college student’s emotions are escalated as her beloved pooch begins stroking away her tears with his head. 

After conferring with a number of vets, Mya took the exchange as a sign to allow Simba to pass naturally, cherishing every extra day with him.

PIC BY MYA MONAY/CATERS NEWS: Though he now sleeps for most of the day, Mya still holds a special place in her heart for Simba

Mya, from Kress, Texas, said: “The first time I went to the dog shelter, he was the only one I wanted to pay attention to. 

“Simba and I have a connection that no one can understand, not even family.

“We spend most days together, even though now he sleeps for most of them, he still holds a special place in my heart. 

“He has never rubbed his face onto someone else’s before – this was such a special moment.

“I wasn’t expecting him to do this, I was just taking selfies with him to capture some memorable moments. 

PIC BY MYA MONAY/CATERS NEWS: Mya and Simba rarely spend time apart

“I honestly don’t know what made me to start recording, I’m just so grateful I was able to capture this beautiful moment that I can have forever as a memory. 

“When the time comes, I’ll never forget him.

“No other animal will ever be able to replace him.

“Simba is still alive – I have talked to many people and vets and decided to let him pass naturally.

“Every day together is a blessing.”