By Mollie Mansfield

A family of 20 geese caused weekend chaos after they wandered onto the motorway – and forced authorities to CLOSE it.

The geese, who wandered onto the A1, caused junction 52 to be closed for almost ten minutes in the Catterick area, North Yorkshire.

After being forced to close the junction at 9.25am, the motorway was swiftly re-opened at 9.34am after the gaggle were removed.

Despite causing mid-morning mayhem, the adorable geese were watched over to ensure they didn’t return to the roadside.


A spokesperson for Highways England said: “The A1(M) was closed within junction 52 from 9.25am until 9.34am after traffic officers herded a family of 20 geese off the network.

“Traffic was stopped while this was done and our officers stayed in the area for a short time after to ensure they didn’t return.”