Video Viral

By Bethany Gleave

This poor motorist managed some truly RUBBISH parking by knocking over their own bins while trying to reverse.

Dash cam footage shows a young driver struggling to manoeuvre his white Seat Leon onto a driveway.

After several attempts trying to get the right angle he appears to panic and almost runs into the path of an oncoming car as traffic queues up waiting for him.

Instead of graciously getting onto the drive the driver opts for reversing straight over the grass to get his ordeal over with.

Unfortunately a black rubbish bin is directly in the way and the car runs straight into it, shunting it all the way down his gravel driveway.

HGV driver Stef Alderson, 28, caught the struggle on his dash cam near Boston, Lincolnshire, on May 29.

Stef, from Tattershall in Lincolnshire, said: “I was on my way back to the yard and as I came around the corner I spotted this car trying to reverse.

“I stopped and gave them room but they just couldn’t get it right. They were going back and forward and it seemed they were struggling to get it up the kerb.

“I noticed it was a lad in his 20s and he looked really flustered. He could’ve been a new driver so might have found it difficult.

“It looked like he was trying to bump it up the kerb but just couldn’t get it.

“When I spotted the bins I just knew he was going to go into them. He didn’t even flinch when he hit them, I don’t know if he even noticed.

“It was a really nice car too so I’m just hoping he didn’t damage it. I guess it is one way of getting the bins in.

“When the blue car came up I did think there was going to be a collision but luckily we both gave him some space to try and get down.

“My commentary wasn’t the best though, I was very worried about him hitting those bins.

As a lorry driver Stef admits that he sees a lot of flustered drivers and he did feel sorry for him.

Stef said: “As a lorry driver you see all sorts on the road and nothing surprises you.

“Some people enjoy driving and some struggle with it but everyone gets there in the end.

“I did feel sorry for him because he just couldn’t quite get there. Hopefully his car wasn’t damaged.”