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By Mike Jones 

Vets were left stunned after a baby goat they thought had died during labour was still alive when they performed a c-section. 

Pet and portrait photographer, Annette Hagemeijer, 49, from the Netherlands, came home to find her goat, Salsa, had gone into labour. 

Annette Hagemeijer / CATERS NEWS

But after seeing the feet of the little one appear Salsa was unable to push any more and after calling vets to help, they found that the baby was stuck and could do be born naturally.

Presuming the baby had died, vets, Henriette and Emmely, decided to perform a c-section but were left stunned when the found the baby goat was still alive, at the family farmhouse on May 24. 

Annette said: “I came home from picking my son and we found Salsa in labour, but after half an hour of labour the little paws were still sticking out.

“After half an hour we rang the vet, she came and tried effortlessy to pull the baby out. 

“One of the paws was pointing backward. She managed to pull the paw forward after some effort but the head of the lamb was also turned backwards making it impossible to be born the natural way. 

Annette Hagemeijer / CATERS NEWS

“The vet told me right away that unfortunately, the baby goat had died. 

“We were sad but the lamb had to be born obviously, so the vet decided to do a c-section in our barn.”

Annette and her son Thomas were overjoyed to find that the little one was still alive and has now made a full recovery after the ordeal. 

She said: “After what seemed like ages she pulled out the baby, and miraculously, it was breathing! 

Annette Hagemeijer / CATERS

“The vet was totally stunned, as were we, she was convinced that he had died. 

“We named the baby Caesar because of the c-section birth. He is our miracle baby.

“Vets don’t typically like to perform a c-section on a goat because they are very prone to infections. But I am happy to say that thanks to the good efforts of the vet and the intern both mom and baby are doing fine, and are happy and healthy.”