Life Video

By Ben Whalley

This video shows the emotional moment a young woman asks her step-dad to adopt her.

Quezisha Conner had been raised by her step-dad, Jesse, who is deaf, since the age of two.

She had been thinking about asking him to adopt her over five years but couldn’t find the best way to do it.

Wrapping the adoption papers in boxes and layers of paper, she nervously presented them to him before giving him a huge hug. 

Quezisha said: “He has raised me my whole life and is my father.

“I already changed my last name to his so it just seemed right to do this and it’s only made us closer.”

Explaining that at first, her dad was really confused when he received the package, Quezisha said that once he started to open and read the notes, he teared up and was really happy. 

“He is honestly the best dad I could ask for; I am blessed to have the family and parents I have.”