Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

This is the dramatic moment a team of villagers and forest officials rescued a leopard from a deep well using a ladder in central India. 

The incident occurred on May 31 when some villagers spotted a snarling leopard struggling to afloat in a well in Dhundi village near Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. 


The villagers raised an alarm and after two hours of struggle, they succeeded in bringing out the leopard from the well using a ladder.

Lokesh Nirapure, assistant director, Tiparia range said: “As soon as I got the information about leopard in  the well, I enquired about the details. 

“I instructed my staff to arrange ladders and some ropes. When I reached the spot, ladder was ready. 


“This incident was reported at 12:26 by 15 : 54 we could able to rescue the wild cat.”

As mercury rises, the wild animals story into human habitats in search of water. The villagers said this leopard had been also been spotted several times near the water bodies and wells recently. 

In the video, the villagers and forest officials can be seen lowering the ladder carefully and minutes later, the leopard climbs onto it and takes swift steps to come out of the well.