Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta 

This is the hair-raising moment a dog wrestled her baby from the clutches of a hungry leopard at a forest official’s bungalow in a Himalayan village. 

The unbelievable incident was recorded on a close-circuit camera installed at the bungalow on Wednesday. 


The black and white video begins with the little pup walking carelessly on the porch of a bungalow when an elusive leopard ‘tiptoes’ and garbs it by neck.

But in no seconds, its alert and brave mother pounces on the big, wild cat throwing it out of the portico. 

She is then seen running after the leopard as the visibly scared pup runs inside the house. 

The mind-blowing video emerged from the remote hilly village of Nahan in Himachal Pradesh in northern India, known for having prowling leopards and bears living close to human settlements, particularly in winters. 


But the recent incident has raised for the wildlife department that has alarmed everyone in the village to be on alert. 

Divisional  Forest Officer noticed a sound of dog fight outside his office. When he came out, he said the dog was licking her two month old puppy who suffered minor injuries.

Mrintunjay Madhav, Divisional  Forest Officer, Nahan, said:  “The left leg of the leopard is injured and it might have attacked puppy as an easy prey. 

“Meanwhile, we have sounded alert in and around the city and asked people to take care of their small children and remain inside their houses during darkness. 


“Rescue teams have been called to trap injured leopard. 

The state has witnessed 34 deaths due to leopard attacks since 2004. In addition, 367 cases of injury to people have also been reported over the same period, out of which 99 cases were of grievous nature.