Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

A pair of music producers completed eight extreme challenges to win a 1000 beer donation to one of their epic parties.

Joni T and La Dooda – who together make up duo Case of the Mondays – were challenged by one of their friends to take on eight different tasks involving booze.


Tasks included downing a beer while skiing the slopes in their home town of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, and shotgunning a can while riding a bike with no hands.

The final challenge consisted of Joni wakeboarding on a frozen lake in while wearing a sombrero, catching a tin, opening it and then falling into the freezing waves.

Joni said: “We’re always trying to have fun outdoors and if we can do it with a beer in our hand that’s even better. 

“This was a natural progression. 

“We really got lucky with getting most challenges in one shot. 


“The videos are far from perfect, but really all we needed was proof we did the challenge to get those 1000 frothy beers.

“The reaction has been really good, and we get a lot of questions about when the 1000 Beer Party is. 

“It’s coming in June and everyone is invited.” 

The musical pair were challenged by one of their best friends who was jealous of their travelling lifestyle full of parties.

Joni said: “He makes a lot of money but has no life at all, it’s just work, work, work.

“He’s been following our lifestyles with Case of the Mondays and wanted to find a way to be a part it. 

“After the 100th time of saying we’re living the dream and asking what he could do, we replied ‘well, we like to party’. 

“Long story short, our friend said he would throw us a shindig but we would have to complete eight different beer drinking challenges of his choice.


“Eight challenges for a 1000 beer donation to one our parties. 

“That’s where we got the name from – eight, four, one – K.

“And the challenge was accepted.”

Joni says their friend made the challenges increasingly harder as he realised he was quickly going to have to stump up for the prize.

La Dooda said: “The skiing moguls was hard because Joni doesn’t ski 

“The final Mexican Surf Challenge was hard because the lake almost didn’t thaw out in time.

“This just goes to show even if you have money, nobody wants to buy 1000 beers for someone else. 

“If you want to meet our hard working no life having friend, you will have to come to our 1000 Beer party in whistler.”

Case of the Mondays started four years ago as a house music night in Whistler until Joni and La Dooda started making music together and cut their first track two years ago with Unknown Records. 

The group are releasing new music and touring this summer. 

Their Facebook page is and Soundcloud is