Animals Video

By Jack Williams

This pair of adorable camels were certainly not worried about their food being spiked, as they joyfully munched through cactuses with needles as long as SIX-INCHES.

The footage has shocked members of the public, going viral in the process.

Pic from Camels and Friends / Caters

In the video, dromedary camels Baby, 11, and Nessie, 8, chomp their way through the plants with ease – the needles pricking the insides of their mouths in a shiver-inducing clip.

But the pair are completely fine with approach, Alex Warnock, their owner, said.

Alex, 31, of Camels and Friends, just south of Tuscon, Arizona, explained that it’s prickly pear cactus that Baby and Nessie are extremely fond of.

Pic from Camels and Friends / Caters

Alex said: “If I were to let them out, they would probably go over the neighbours’ fence and eat their cactuses.”

Since filming the animals, on May 27, 2018, Alex has been shocked by the number of positive and inquisitive comments that have been written on social media. 

As of Thursday, May 31, the video had received more than 4 million views.

Pic from Camels and Friends / Caters

Such videos, the owner hopes, will help educate members of the public about the habits of the animals, as Camels and Friends carries out a lot of work with educational programs.

Alex added: “Camels had no natural predators in the wild, so they are very calm and sure of themselves.

“I never thought it would go viral.

“Most of the comments have been funny ones, and there have been a lot of jokes.”