Offbeat Video

By Mark Felix

 This unlucky cyclist had two cases of bad fortune after he slid off a track, crashed into a tree only for it to topple on top of him.

 Adrenaline junkie Jorgen Hamann was BMX riding through Quarry Ridge, Wisconsin, USA, on May 21 when his bout of misfortune hit. 

Slipping on the dry ground, his bodyweight topples the bike over sideways launching him into the tree.

 The momentum of his crash unroots the plant causing it to fall back on top of his prone body.


Jorgen, who was fortunately wearing a helmet, said: “I am very thankful the tree broke instead of me. 

“I know exactly what I did wrong.  

“I came in with too much speed and was not as focused on turning as I should have been. 

 “These are both things I can fix. 

 “I sprained my ankle, bruised my jaw, and got poison ivy.

 “I have been riding since summer after freshman year of college, so this will be my fifth year.”