Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

This is the heart-pounding moment where daredevil scoots on top of a Moscow Skyscraper.

Nikita Deft, 21, videoed his daring journey as he teeters on the edge of a massive drop.


The vertigo-inducing footage shows Nikita leaping and speeding over a criss-cross of beams, with tiny specs of cars below.

Nikita, a photographer and engineering student, said: “I can’t call myself a rooftopper, this hobby suggests other purposes.

“I have the elements of parkour, acrobatics and extreme art – all this makes my works quite original.

“I started this to do 4 years ago – It was very scary and exciting. At first I couldn’t look down and move my feet, but gradually I began to get the situation under control. 


“Now on any height I feel confident – I have a very good physical training and it gives me confidence. 

“When I was young my father wanted to make me a professional boxing career, but it did not work out and gradually I have formed my own goals and dreams.

“I love to do what for many people consider impossible – it is something that you will not be able buy.

“In extreme moments I don’t’ think about anything – I just stay calm. Otherwise, it can lead to irreversible consequences. 

“I also have poor vision and wear contact lenses so that sometimes makes things harder.


“I spend a lot of time training – probably almost every day. 

“My preference swings more towards photos, but while feel that I can feel the potential; I’m going to continue with the deadly video.

“This video was shot in Moscow – the height of the building is about 40 floors and to get it was very difficult.

“The doors were closed as well as security – in 15 minutes I got us arrested and kept in the police station later released, but I managed to keep the video and I got a lot of adrenaline.”