Animals Video

By Ben Walley

This is the hilarious moment where a toddler is taken down by a crafty feline.

Little Aryia Reid has just learnt how to pet the family cat – saying ‘aww’ as she holds on to its fur.

But when Ebony the cat is done with all the attention, he rushes away – unfortunately Ariya doesn’t let go.

As the little black cats jumps away, Aryia clings on and is dragged along.

The brilliant moment was captured by Aryia’s mum, Andrea Brasher from Portsmouth.

Andrea said: “Our daughter has just learnt to cuddle and say aww as she does.

“So she was holding the cat and putting her head on her and saying aww then Ebony decided to jump down and she failed to let go – going down with her. 

“She cried at first then she sat up and then carried on towards the cat for more cuddles. 

“We all laughed once we knew she was fine.”