Life Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

This is the heart-breaking moment that a pup missing his soldier owner lies sadly in a pile of his clothes.

We see forlorn four-year-old Fruitloops curled up in a basket of infantryman Michael Yost’s trousers and military sleeping bag at home in Germany.

Michael’s wife Jessica caught the lab-collie mix staring off sadly into the middle distance as he rolled around in the fabric. 

As soon as Jessica, originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA, asks why he is lying in ‘daddy’s clothes’, Fruitloops jumps up and starts whining.

Jessica said: “It broke my heart when I saw Fruitloops curled up in the tub of Michael’s old clothes. 

“He looked so heart broken – he doesn’t understand that his dad is coming back. 

“My dogs feel like my children so it’s really heart breaking, but once I started talking to him he perked up. 

“My family got very emotional seeing the video because we are all dog lovers. 

“He laid in the garments for a few mins before I tried to perk him up by talking to him.”

Michael deployed overseas in April, but both Jessica and Fruitloops desperately await his return in autumn.

Jessica said: “He just met my husband last year when we got engaged and instantly bonded with him. 

“He deployed last spring when we first started dating, he proposed to me while he was deployed and he came back in the fall. 

“We got married as soon as he got back. 

“Michael is the best man in the world in my eyes – not only does he serves our country and gives unconditional love to me and our pets.

“I actually told Michael when we first started dating ‘if my dog, Fruitloops, doesn’t like you, we won’t be able to continue dating’. 

“Obviously Fruitloops fell in love with him.”