Offbeat Video

 By Christina Wood

A dad-of-two believes he caught the ghost of a monk called Cuthbert on camera in ‘creepy’ footage of a shadowy hooded figure stalking an English pub at night.

Sean Reynolds, 33, visited The Rutland Arms, in Newark, in Nottinghamshire, last year while shooting an episode for their ghost hunting TV show when the spirit was captured on camera.

The TV director claims that everyone on location was accounted for at the time the apparition was caught and claims it must be supernatural.


Local stories in the area tell of a monk who used to wander a secret underground network of tunnels and goes by the name of Cuthbert.

The footage shows a dark figure walking past the top living quarter window, which was empty, and is believed to be the first time that the monk has been caught on camera.

Sean, from Liverpool, in Merseyside, said: “When we saw it we were wondering who the figure was and when we enhanced it we could tell it was something that shouldn’t be there.

“When we saw it we got excited. It’s great when you capture something like that because it validates our investigation.


“The crew were taking the pan shots and they didn’t realise that this figure was walking across the window. No one was in that room.

“The lights would have showed them up if someone was in there. There were only eight members of crew and everyone was accounted for.

“The landlord didn’t come back to the pub until after we had finished filming, so bizarrely no one was in there.

“There is some tunnels underneath the pub that leads to a church and it is believed by locals that the monks used them and apparently one of the monks who died still haunts the pub today.

“We didn’t know until after the filming about the monk. It’s quite shocking but it’s also really great at the same time when things like this tie together.

“It is quite creepy, we freaked out when we saw it.”


The footage was filmed in August last year but it wasn’t until October, when the editing process had begun for the Ghost Dimension episode, that Sean discovered the figure had been captured on film.

Sean said: “It is believed that the monk comes from a friary in Newark and used to wander a secret underground network of tunnels there.

“It is not the first time the monk has been seen at the Rutland Arms but it is the first time he has been captured.

“Many psychic mediums have said they have been psychically connected to the monk and he goes by the name of Cuthbert.

“We did not see this figure at the time and it was only once we had the footage in edit that we came across what we believe could be Cuthbert, the monk who haunts the location.”