Video Viral

By David Keane 

This is the moment a jogger freed an ‘adventurous’ sheep who had become mysteriously wedged between a gate and a fence – when it went on a mission to find fresher grass.

Tom Moses, 42, was out running on Garth Hill near Cardiff, Wales, on Saturday when he was alerted to the sheep’s bleating and discovered it wriggling in the bizarre predicament.

The dad-of-one believes the brave creature had somehow managed to squeeze down the foot-wide gap in pursuit of the freshest grass.

The hilarious footage shows the sheep flee after Tom opens the gate and then re-join the rest of the flock, who Tom says had been waiting around for their daring pal, clearly baffled by the delay.

Tom, from Haverfordwest, said: “I had headed off into the countryside for a jog and I was running up a hill when through the mist I saw this shape wriggling behind the fence. I realised it was a sheep stuck there.

“I thought ‘well that’s not meant to be there’ and thought it would be my good deed for the day.

“I thought the way it had got stuck in such an unusual position was quite interesting and a bit funny so I decided to film it as I freed it. I often share pictures of things I encounter when out running but never anything quite like this.

“It was quite big so I think it was an adult sheep so I don’t know how it squeezed down such a tight gap. It looked quite healthy too, though by the time I freed it, its wool had been squashed by the tight squeeze it had been in.

“I have no idea how long it had been there but from the way it was bleating when I found it I imagine it was quite a while.

“Perhaps it was an adventurous sheep that spotted some grass it particularly wanted and decided to do whatever it could to get to it, for whatever reason. Perhaps that was the best grass around.

“It was wriggling away and probably quite scared by me coming over when it was trapped like that and couldn’t get away.

“But I don’t know what would have happened to it if I hadn’t come along. I don’t know how often the farmed checks his fields thoroughly enough to have spotted it. Who knows. A night like that would not be nice for it.

“It’s hard to put emotions on a sheep but it looked pretty relieved to be free. It looked quite happy.

“It went off the join all the other sheep, who appeared to have been hanging around waiting for it as they all left together then. They must have been wondering why it wouldn’t leave that area.”

Tom, who was out jogging while training for the three-day 100-mile ‘Pembrokeshire 100’ when he encountered the sheep, is still perplexed how the creature got itself in the tight spot.

Tom, who works as a discovery ranger for a national park, said: “I don’t understand exactly how it got there as the gate was completely wedged into place so the most likely is that it wriggled along that very narrow gap to get to the grass.

“However there is a chance that a gust of wind blew it or even that someone deliberately did it to the poor thing, but I think both of those are unlikely.

“The gate was wedged quite hard, which would be tough for wind to do, and I wouldn’t have thought someone would do that deliberately.

“The only other explanations are that it possibly didn’t see where it was going as it was a little misty. However I seriously doubt it could have got all the way down that gap without realising what it was doing.

“Doing the kind of work I do I often encounter unusual things with wildlife while out and about but I’ve not seen this before. It’s always nice to encounter animals though and I wish I came across them more.”