Some of the last remaining residents of the Puna District of Hawaii made their final goodbyes and left the area via the last road out as the lava advanced over Highway 132.

Police ordered the evacuation as power lines were swallowed up causing blackouts in areas.

Joseph Anthony/Caters News

Processions and animals alike were rescued, however on cat who was pictured sitting on a balcony with a saucer of milk and the approaching river of lava was left behind.

Residents were seen having a final view of the lava before fleeing along Beach Road towards the Coast.

Joseph Anthony/Caters News

The nearby Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) power plant is also back under threat as lava continues to advance closer to the wells.

Photographer Joseph Anthony, 44 who was in the exclusion zone for 3-weeks was also evacuated and helped residents to get out safely.

Joseph Anthony/Caters News