Animals Video

By Kristiana Hall 

An adopted kangaroo has been caught farting and using his paw to waft it away in this hilarious video clip. 

Georgina Steytler, 45, adopts orphaned kangaroos every year with her husband in Toodyay, Western Australia.

And after noticing one of the grey kangaroos, named Possum, was quite gassy one evening she decided to video it. 

The hilarious clip shows Possum letting rip and seemingly using his one arm to waft the smell away. 

The photographer said: “After adopting the kangaroos we decided to keep them in pouches inside the house.  

” On this night, I noticed one of the joeys, named Possum, was quite gassy so I decided to video it. 

“It’s a bit juvenile I know but gosh it made us giggle.

“We have a custom built kangaroo enclosure. The two joeys in the video named Possum and Peanut are now in the enclosure full time. 

“In another month or so they will go into another enclosure in the bush area and released back into the wild by the end of the year.”